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Everything Points to Jesus: A Hidden Message

Before going forward, a disclaimer....

The following information is simply a theory that ran across my mind when I read Genesis 29-35. I have been very interested in the idea of hidden messages ever since I first heard of these theories in books written by Dr. Chuck Missler. After seeing how more and more EVERYTHING in the Bible points to Jesus, I see things so differently now. When I first learned about Genesis 5 and the hidden message within the genealogy between Adam and Noah, I started thinking about other things in the Bible. (See the post Old is New Concealed and New is Old Revealed)

I am convinced God aligned everything in the Bible for a purpose. I believe the purpose was to reveal the redemption promise and supernaturally connect all the books as the divinely breathed Word of God.
hidden messages

When I ran across the children of Jacob (Israel) I decided to look up the meanings of the Hebrew names. As you probably already know, the children of Jacob are the original 12 tribes of Israel. Later, a couple of the tribes change which we will see later. I highly suggest you research the following yourself and come up to your own conclusions.

Let's start in Genesis 29. The author (which is believed to be Moses) shares a narrative of how the children of Israel were conceived through his wives Leah and Rachel (and their servants Bilhah and Zilpah)

Each time a child was born, Leah or Rachel would name them based on their current circumstances. Here is a summary of the first 11 children, in order of birth, starting in Genesis 29:31 through 30:23.

Through Leah:
1 - Reuben: "the Lord has seen my misery. Surely my husband will love me know."
2 - Simeon: "the Lord heard that I am not loved"
3 - Levi: "my husband will become attached" (bonded or joined)
4 - Judah: "This time I will praise the Lord."
Rachel's servant Bilhah:
5 - Dan: "God had vindicated me"
6 - Naphtali: "I have had a great struggle with my sister and I have won." (wrestle)
Leah's servant Zilpah:
7 - Gad: "What good fortune!" (other meanings show Gad to refer to "shall be raided")
8 - Asher: "How happy I am!" (blessed)
Through Leah:
9 - Issachar: "God has rewarded me." (Leah actually Rachel to use Jacob as payment for Reuben's mandrakes - Jacob paid Leah's debt.)
10 - Zebulun: "God has presented me with a precious gift"
Through Rachel:
11 - Joseph: "God has taken away my disgrace, may he add to me another son."

The twelfth son, Benjamin, is actually not born until chapter 35, which I believe is significant. Benjamin was born and named by Rachel and she initially named him Ben-Oni. According to, the name means son of my sorrows. He wasn't on the scene until after Jacob wrestled with God and was renamed Israel. Ben-Oni's name was changed to Benjamin, which means Son of the Right Hand but can also mean to build or rebuild.

Joseph had two sons that Jacob adopted as his own, Manasseh and Ephraim. Manasseh means "Forgetting a debt" and Ephraim means "fruitful through affliction".

If you look at the order of the sons and the meaning of the names when constructed together, you could make the case for them to reveal the history of the nation of Israel up to the Messiah. Again, this is just my own interpretation and theory....

God has seen our misery and He has heard we are not loved. He has bonded together the tribes of Israel into a great nation. Let God be praised! Now the nation has fallen away and will be judged. We wrestle with great struggle but will eventually see good fortune out of many raids. Now we are happy and blessed. God will make a way to pay our wages and will provide us a precious gift and take away our disgrace through the Son of His Right Hand, the Messiah.

This seems too coincidental not to be possible. It may be a stretch, but it is fascinating! Unfortunately, for Israel, they missed the Messiah!! So, how can Jesus be revealed to them? Through the New Testament! Let's look at when the tribes are last mentioned.... Revelation.

Revelation 7:1-8 refers to the 144,000 sealed from each of the 12 tribes of Israel. What is interesting to me though, is Dan is no longer identified as a tribe. Manasseh has been added but Ephraim is not named as a tribe either. Joseph is identified instead. I believe Dan and Ephraim are removed due to idol worship indicated in other books. (Hosea and Amos)

Not only are those particular tribes no longer mentioned, but the order of their mention in Revelation 7 is not in the original order of the birth of Jacob's sons. This will change how the name meanings are combined to form a message...

So, now rearrange the names in the order in which they are listed in Revelation 7:5-8 with the meaning next to each:

Judah:  Praise the Lord
Reuben:  He has seen my misery
Gad:  good fortune comes
Asher:  I am happy and blessed
Napthali:  my wrestling
Manasseh:  has made me forget my debt
Simeon:  He hears with acceptance
Levi:  has joined or bonded me
Issachar:  rewarded me
Zebulun:  He has presented me a precious gift
Joseph:  make fruitful and add in number
Benjamin: the Son of His right hand or to build or rebuild

Here is how it could be constructed into a message:

Praise the Lord! He has seen my misery and good fortune comes. I am happy and blessed because though I wrestle with sin and death, he has forgotten my debtHe has heard my cry and accepted me by joining me and rewarding me with the precious gift of the Holy Spirit! Now He adds to the number to build His church until the Son of His Right Hand (Jesus Christ) returns.

It may seem a stretch, but you could make the argument that the Old Testament, Genesis, order reveals the history of Israel until the birth of the Messiah and the New Testament, Revelation, order reveals the redemption promise from sin through the Messiah Jesus Christ.

Check out the name meanings through Comment! Let me know what you think!

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