Thursday, October 22, 2015

Java for the Heart

I don't know if any of the you have the same problem I have, but I have an incredibly hard time waking up in the morning. It's like... I can't function, open my eyes, or even walk a straight line until I have some COFFEE!

My dear sweet husband loves me so much that he is willing to bring me coffee in bed. He gently tells me it is time to wake up, then places my hot cup of coffee (with the appropriate amount of Stevia and creamer) on the night stand. He does this for me, one because he has a servants heart, but also because it's biblical. BIBLICAL you say? YES! It is in the New Testament... Hebrews. At least that's what I tell him. No, he doesn't really believe it; but it sounds good!

Waking up in the morning is tough for me because I need a stimulus. My preference is coffee.

If you have read some of by blog posts from the past, you may have noticed I haven't written anything in quite some time. In fact it has been a few years. You could say that I have been asleep at the typewriter. I just stopped writing.

Looking back, I stopped writing because I didn't think I was reaching anyone. I was looking for human approval. My motivation for writing was coming more from the number of people reading my blog posts than from the one stimulating my heart to write.

Over time I started getting discouraged because I wasn't sure I was reaching anyone. But, looking back I also noticed that when I was studying the Word of God regularly and writing about what God revealed to me, it really helped me understand and reflect more deeply on what He was laying on my heart. God was breathing more life into my character, spirit, and life when I studied regularly and blogged about it.

Last week, I believe God laid it on my heart to start blogging again. Not because I want or need the approval of people, but because I think God wants me to reflect more deeply on what He reveals to me. I think He is stimulating my heart for writing again. Who knows... maybe this is the beginning of something He wants to use to reach others and bring Him the Glory he deserves. But whether or not others read, approve, comment, or follow the blog doesn't need to be my motivation. The Holy Spirit is my stimulus... my Heart JAVA.

So my renamed blog, Heart Java, is intended to awaken and stimulate my heart to open up and reflect more deeply on the Spirit breathed Word of God. I do invite you to follow my weekly blog especially if it serves as a stimulus for you as well. If you do find that one of my blog posts touches your heart, Praise God! Every week, I will pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal a devotion or deeper understanding of His Word so that I can ultimately grow in a more intimate relationship with Jesus... my redeeming Savior.


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