Sunday, February 10, 2013

Committed or Desperate?

I was watching a bible study video on YouTube yesterday and a question was posed, "Are you a committed christian or a desperate christian?"

I thought about that and I wondered what the difference might be and then today, after our message at church this morning on James 5, I think God revealed an answer.

In James 5:7-12, James tells us to be patient until the Lord's coming. He says that we need to be patient in our sufferings, trials, tribulations, and endure. We learned this morning about patience and were provided examples, such as the patience of Job. If you look back on the story of Job you will remember how much Job went through, and although he suffered much, he never waivered in his faith. He never denounced God although he lost everything, his wealth, his family, and his health.

How was it that Job was able to endure all of this suffering? Job had a strong faith and trust in God. His faith was strong enough to withstand anything he came up against. I thought about this today and wondered, if we have a committed relationship with God, is it enough? We may commit to reading the bible, to going to church, or to pray daily, but can just being committed to doing these things strengthen our faith? I wondered... Is being committed enough? Does just being committed to doing these things mean that we will put all our trust in God and relenquish control to Him when we face times of trouble?

David expressed a desperation for seeking God in Psalms 63. He thirsts for God and he expresses how his whole being belongs to God. Paul also expressed his desperation to experience the same suffering Jesus endured just so he can experience what Jesus experienced. These two men were so strong in their faith that they were able to endure anything.

Do we yearn for God? Are you desperate to know Him and have a relationship with Him? Does that yearning allow you to grow in your faith enough that you will be able to withstand suffering of this world? Our desperation to seek God and His grace will provide the motivation we need to commit ourselves to seeking His will and know His word so that when the time comes for suffering, trials or tribulations, we will have the strength in our faith enough to endure and live in the hope of Christ's return.

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