Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Love Letter from Jesus

My beloved sons and daughters,

Oh, how I love you! You who long to know me, to see me, to encounter my love, I am here! Do you not see?

When you experience the adoration and joy holding a newborn baby, that is me! When you smell the clean air after a cool rain and feel the warm breeze touching your face, it is me! That day you were driving down the road and a thought of something peaceful washed over you, that was me! When you walked outside and you felt the sun on your face. That was me! When you were in the woods on that cool crisp morning, listening to nothing but the sounds of the natural earth, I was whispering to you.
There have been days I tried to get your attention, but you were busy. You had work to do, places to go, and kids to take to ball games. At night, when you are so tired from the demands of your day, I wish you would talk to me and let me be part of it.

 I am always there for you. When you are tired, I will give you rest. When you are sad, I am there holding your hand. When you are lonely, I am sitting with you. When you are scared and need advice, I will be your counselor. Talk to me. Those days when you feel rejected, betrayed, and broken hearted, talk to me. My love for you will never fail! I don't just love you when you are at your best. My love is constant.

Believe in me, trust in me and know that I love you! I love you so much that I hung on the cross at Calvary. I died for you, and if you believe in Me you will have everlasting life (John 3:16). When you pass through the deep waters, I will be with you. Your troubles will not overwhelm you. The hard trials that will come will not hurt you. (Isaiah 43:2).

I think about you all of the time and I long to sit and pour out my very soul to you. I want to build a relationship with you. I want to be the one who meets all of your needs. I will be waiting to hear from you.

All my heart and unconditional love,

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