Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wisdom from God

We have been studying James for the past several weeks in our Sunday church service. The Book of James is a wonderful book that is easy to read and provides practical instruction on how Christians should live their daily lives and continue their walk with God.

In chapter 3, James discusses the subject of wisdom. In previous chapters James presents how Christians should act toward others, during times of trial and tribulation, and how we should control our tongue. I think he sums it all up in the end of chapter 3 by bringing up wisdom and the difference between godly wisdom and worldly wisdom. I think that if we strive to gain godly wisdom then we will know how to react to the problems of this world, how to act toward others, and how to control what we say.

In order to have true wisdom, godly wisdom, what does it take to receive it and how do you know when you have it? First of all, wisdom doesn't necessarily depend on the amount of education you have or the experiences you have lived. Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge. To take the knowledge that you have and apply it properly is to be wise. Wisdom begins with the fear of God. A person that fears God, will live a life of good behavior.

James also tells us there is worldly wisdom that stems from three places; earthly, natural (unspiritual), and demonic. Doing whatever you can to get a head in the world stems from earthly wisdom. Natural wisdom that does not come from God it is from our own flesh. When we try to justify our actions or feelings of hate by blaming others comes from our flesh not from God. Demonic wisdom comes out of deception on a spiritual level. The devil tries to deceive us to follow the ways of the world and follow our fleshly natural instincts.

How do you know the difference? How do you know when you are being wise or giving a wise answer? Wisdom is not argumentative or contentious. It is gentle and peacemaking; merciful and true. All we need to do to receive true godly wisdom is to ask God. James 1:5 says, "If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you."  The Word of God is the second source of wisdom. If you need advice or counsel, or to know how to apply knowledge you have, the Word and prayer are the answer to finding God's wisdom.

Blessed in Christ,

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