Sunday, December 23, 2012

Filling Life with the Right Stuff

I read a story posted on Facebook this week about a physics professor giving a lecture to his students. The professor brought to his class an empty jar and next to it was golf balls, pebbles, sand, and liquid. The professor put the golf balls in the jar and then held it up to the class and asked them if the jar was full. The students all replied, "Yes". Then the professor poured the pebbles in the jar and shook it a little so they would all fall around the golf balls. The professor held up the jar again and asked, "Is the jar full?". The class all responded in unison, "Yes". The professor then proceeded to pour the sand in the jar and it filled the empty spaces between the golf balls and the pebbles. The professor once again asked, "Is the jar full?". The class again said, "Yes". After pouring the liquid into the jar, he asked, "Is the jar full?", The class all yelled, "YES!"

The professor said "The golf balls represent the important things in life, like God and family. The pebbles represent money and jobs, and the sand represents the small things in life that really don't matter much. If you put the little, mundane, things before anything else, there isn't room in the jar for the important things in life. If you put money and your job in first, there isn't room for the important things in life, but if you start with what is important, then your life will be full and there will still be room for everything else!" The students all impressed with the analogy agreed. One person spoke up and asked, "What about the liquid?" The professor added, "Well, the liquid represents there is always room for a couple of drinks with a friend!"

I loved this story! How true is the analogy the professor used to explain living for what is important first; God and family! He shows that if we put God first everything else falls into place. Let's remember that over the holiday season. Remember the reason for the season first, live for God and spend time with family and remember what is most important in life. Then, there will be room for the rest!

May you and yours be blessed during the holidays and Merry Christmas!


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